I spoke yesterday to 150 members of the Alabama Farmers Federation, their leadership and their PAC trustees.

My message was, Washington is broken.  People are putting political party over country.  This has led to a polarized nation and we will not solve this problem until we start electing people who are going to Washington to solve problems and not just get reelected.  We need to make sure that politicians OWE their support to the PEOPLE and not to the big money who put them in office.   I had the credentials to get the support of this group having been a farmer myself, a Vietnam Vet, decorated army officer, etc. but when I was asked questions, what they really wanted to know was “Why are you not running as a Republican?”   That is EXACTLY what the problem is.  We pigeonhole people based on where we THINK we should put them.  A decorated ex-military officer must be a Republican.  A religiously oriented man must be a Republican.  Believe me, you can be military and spiritually oriented and be a Democrat, an Independent or some other political persuasion.  Going back to my talking to the AL Farmers Federation, while I believe many in the room understood and could agree with the message of a broken system and the need to reform it, they did what they have done time and again and endorsed the Republican candidate that represents MORE OF THE SAME.  If we are going to heal this country we MUST put Country in front of Party.  We are not there.  We are not even close to being there, but I will continue to fight for what I know is right.  I will fight to heal our country.  As long as either party ignores or demonizes people not IN THEIR BUBBLE, the needs of all will not be met.  The nation will continue to be polarized.  It should also be known that while they endorsed the candidate that represents more of the same in Washington, it doesn’t not change my support for Alabama Farmers.  As I told everyone at the meeting, “you can have lots of money, big houses, and a lot of cool toys, but if we don’t have FARMERS we are in big trouble.”