We can learn universal truths from anywhere.   I got my universal “aaa haaa” moment today from my inter-denominational, international Bible study group.  I am running for the United State Senate and it is causing me to challenge everything.  In our discussion today, we got into how uncivilly we treat each other in society.  People boo or shout down those with whom they disagree. TV hosts openly push lies that they know are lies to appeal to a certain demographic.  TV news programs feature panels of self-proclaimed experts who will shout each other down in order to get higher ratings; even more troubling, they care not whether the audience is informed at all.  The goal is heat, not light.  Children watch movies and TV programs that push the concept that adults are stupid and children know it all.  Folks, we are losing our sense of moral values.  What about respecting each other or listening to other people’s thoughts before replying?  What about holding open doors and putting “please” and “thank you” back in our vocabulary?  Yes, as politicians, we need to set an example.  Let’s work on showing each other some respect.  If we are upset that our children do not have any respect for their elders, how do we think they learned that?