It is stupid to think we will make Alabama Great if we do not have a viable health care plan for the state.   Alabama lawmakers have been lying to you.  The Congressional Budget Office said that 24 million people would lose their health care under the first version of TRUMP CARE.  They pushed through the second version before the Congressional Budget Office could run the numbers, but they are now in.  Under the new version, 23 million Americans will lose their healthcare. For a person 64 years of age, their insurance costs could go from roughly $2,000 a year under the ACA to over $15,000 a year with the new plan.

The Republicans are lying to you.   Republicans have demonized the Affordable Care Act because they never wanted anyone to know the benefits of improved health care.  The proposed House replacement to the Affordable Care Act would not allow any state that has not taken the Medicaid expansion, and Alabama did not,  to take it after their version of health care would be signed into law.

If you do not know what this means, it means that anyone whose income was 130% of poverty level for their family was supposed to go on Medicaid in their state.   I want you to think about this a second.  Do you REALLY believe that any politician is going to DENY you this access because they are looking out for your well-being?   NOOOOO.  No, they denied you access to the Medicaid expansion because they were afraid if you first got it, you would never want to give it up.  Instead of providing you and me with affordable health care, their new bill is an attempt to save enough federal dollars to give their rich friends more tax breaks.

Politicians are lying to you about the Affordable Care Act.  Google how many of the 32 states that took the Medicaid Expansion are dropping it?   ZERO.  Politicians are not coming up with this new health care bill to help YOU.  They are not reforming it for any reason but to take tax dollars from the poor and middle class and give it to the wealthy.  Notice that major changes in health care are always scheduled to happen AFTER an election.  Do you believe a politician would intentionally stop one of their bills from going into effect until AFTER an election if they thought the bill was great and would get them elected?  The changes in the House bill fully implement in 2022, after the 2018 mid-terms, and after the 2020 presidential campaign.

They are are LYING to you.  Let’s solve problems.  The “Repeal and Replace” is a cry of GREED by the greedy.