The United States and the world find themselves in a period of dramatic change similar to what happened during the Industrial Revolution.  I lived in Wisconsin when Uniroyal moved from Eau Claire to Opelika and then in 2009 Uniroyal was forced to close its plant in Opelika.  In my area of Alabama (Valley/Lanett), textile mills drove the economy.  Now all of that production has gone overseas.  Trying to hang on to old jobs is fighting against time.  Buggy whip manufacturers and textile manufacturers are never going to come back to Alabama.   That doesn’t mean all is lost.  Alabama needs to look to the future and encourage new innovative businesses to relocate here.  Huntsville’s development in the aerospace, rocket engine, and computer simulations sectors should be the example for city planners across Alabama.  We should be seeking more innovation like Kia’s development of a hybrid car that gets 50+ MPG.  We need to actively recruit new future-oriented industries to move to Alabama.  Whether we like it or not, change is in our future.  We can either get in front of the change or get left behind.  A good example of missing the economic future centers in our talk about Global Warming.  I believe it is a fact BUT I am tired of arguing about it.  The earth is doing what it is doing, and what our opinion does not matter not a bit.  It is also true that the energy of the future generates jobs and profits now.   It is projected that in just THREE years the demand for solar energy will be worth more than 10 TRILLION dollars worldwide.   Germany is currently getting 30% of its energy from renewables, versus our 13%.  If we stay wedded to old energy, we will be playing catch up with the European Union.  Our state should be encouraging solar research in our universities.  We need to make a solar economic hub in Alabama just as was done with rockets and simulations in Huntsville.  Our citizens want their share of quality high-paying jobs.  Our state needs its share of the tax base that would be brought in through solar development.  On top of all of that, we end up with a cleaner environment for our children and our children’s children.  Our Alabama politicians must be forward thinking.  They need to stop spinning the truth and start solving problems.  We must make Alabama a significant part of our nation’s future or Alabama will get left in the past. The FUTURE is bright for Alabama but it must have FAITH and HOPE in the Future.  Break with the OLD and embrace the FUTURE.